Try Number 2

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So we had a little technical difficulty and I had to bring the site down just a mere 10 hours after I launched it! :( I know - you probably didn't even know, sorry. 

Friday morning, I was up early - Zero dark early - couldn't sleep, had the come hell or high water determination going - heck the Rocky fight song could have been playing too - but IDK if I'd have noticed. Worked solid until at 6:40 pm I realized I was 2 hours late for a VIP graduation party - scooted off to it - I'm sure at speeds that deserve a scolding. 

Tried to relax at the party - no can do - came home finished the site and launched at 11:59pm (yes, I am a party animal - glued to the computer screen on a Friday night! (my poor hubby).) 

So up early Saturday - feeling pretty good that "I did it!" (Insert your Legally Blonde squeal there) for a golf date in the 45th parallel with the hubby - who at this point has been pretty much ignored for the past several weeks. Learned from one of my friends that was proofing the site that I was selling some "stuff" for 5 cents - and she was pretty sure I didn't mean to do that, WHOOPS! nope sure didn't - down comes the site along with a big ole face that I'm sure many 2 year olds make when they are met with information they don't like. 

On the plus side, I was finally able to relax enough to break 100 which has been on my list of things to do for a few months now.

So here we go again! There are still a few glitches - that I know about but its a work in process right?  If you find something crazy, please shoot me a comment or email. I appreciate you in advance. :)

On to the important stuff!  S A L E  there is some stuff on sale! (music to my ears!)

Look for discounts on:

  • Accessory Bags
  • Beach Bag
  • Large and Small Coolers (super cute - I got the small one b/c it fits on my golf cart)
  • the Island Clutch - my absolute fav! (I'm pretty sure I'm getting another but please don't tell! ) 

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