Having fun in the summer sun!

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While we're out trying to have fun in the sun - everywhere I turn I feel bombarded with the slogans "FINAL CLEARANCE" "BACK TO SCHOOL" dare I say it....."FA L L" :(  While that is a fantastic season and I sure do love it - I do not want to be confronted with the potential of cold weather any time soon - when it feels like the warm only just arrived!

I know all my Florida friends might disagree but if you are in the 44th Parallel (or 45th as it were, since the great mitten state contains both) you certainly are not ready for a season change yet!

In honor of all things summer we have the double stud anchor earrings on sale for the weekend! 

Some things that are huge sellers are going fast - like the Beach Spikes!  Did you know they come personalized for you at no additional cost?! They look amazing and you won't have to remember which refreshment is yours - because it will be sand free!  You have plenty of options to choose from  - I put a split anchor with the circle monogram on the front and for giggles a turtle on the back!  In addition we've got turtles, lobsters, sea horses, and dolphins. 

if you are looking for a something you don't see - send me an email and I will let you know if we can do it!

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