Can't fight it...September has swooped in!

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For the last 4 weeks I have been fighting the (inevitable) end of summer - literally swimming up the river of "de-nial". I don't know about you but I hit the summer snooze button as long as possible; most "summers" I try to get away with flip-flops far past the common sense stage. For those that don't know me - this usually means I get caught in flops in more than one cold rain in the fall. I do this every season, full denial, knowing that I will have to put my golf clubs away, clean out my locker, swap out the sleeveless shirts for 3/4 or full length ones - and with all the back to school pix over the last several days, the glare of yellow buses running around town and now my first Junior League board meeting under raps, I have to come to grips that September is really here.

What makes me whine about it this year (more than usual) is that it feels like its only just warmed up (as if summer wants to hang on) and yet I spotted some massive mums today - don't get me wrong, they are beautiful - clearly they enjoy cool climate to grow in as they are enormous! On a positive (non-whiny) note, there are some super cute Halloween decorations are out which certainly help to put me in the spirit!

A big THANK YOU is in order for all of you who are helping to grow Pink and Lulu - I really appreciate you and your willingness to share FB posts and p& with your friends (and their friends). 

Exciting news! A new supplier is on board - many new monogram options for the home, jewels, things for the gentlemen, travel, bath and my fav...preppy techie items! As with most things in life, It is not perfect - and those of you interested will quickly notice there are no new model Samsung cases.  I know, boo hiss, however, there are some fantastic options for iPhone users; and my diligent search continues for adorably preppy cases for us non-iPhone users! ;)

Our hot seller this month, hands down, has been the monogram pedi decals - quite the value at $5. Every where I go people want them, the pink and bright yellow have been a delightful combination, if I do say so myself :).  There are 30 colors to choose from so I am certain we've got something that you will like - even if we have to exchange our flops soon for some cute peep toes and go from bright colors to muted fall ones. I will experiment with some fall colors and get back with you.

As always, if you are interested in seeing something in the product line up - shoot me an email - I am always on the look out for new items!

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  • At the cottage, also refusing to let go of summer! Love the catalog, starting to make plans for teacher gifts…we will talk soon!

    molly on

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