Fall is here

Posted by Nicole Breslin on

Geeze - each week I have good intentions about posting to my blog and each week, I snooze the reminder for several days eventually cancelling it - please tell me know what I'm talkin' about! :)

So many exciting things happening .... where to start?!? We've got new products arriving - almost every day - which is so exciting! Trying to keep on track and get them all up in time. Scheduled our first two holiday shopping market events! Can't wait for those!  Have been busy preparing the displays to make for lively shopping experience for you! :)

I am reluctant to admit this but it's slightly helpful that cooler weather has arrived - it is easier to clock longer hours for sure! And of course removing that guilty feeling when I'm on the course and not @ HQ.

Halloween is right around the corner - though if you are looking for a super stylish way for your trick-or-treater to lug their candy around town we've still got a couple of solutions in stock for you.

As always enjoy shopping and message me if you have any questions or you'd like to see something specific.

:) Nicole


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