It's in the Bag!

Posted by Nicole Breslin on

Tote bags, envelope clutches, cross-body's & wristlets, oh my! Whatever your looking for "it's in the bag!"

A life long lover of bags, there is never a shortage of them around. I even have bags for groceries, I mean, I have to do my part right? Reduce, reuse, recycle?

Now it might be that its 54 steps up to my sisters and I swear (to anyone who will listen) that girl only shops (for food - let's be clear, she is no stranger to shopping) when I arrive! So the bigger the bag and longer the strap the better! I have been known to mule up a full order in one trip. I do, however, make her carry her own miller light. I say drink vodka, its lighter to carry! But I digress! 

For sure there are no shortages of bags for you to choose from @ either! I am in love with our ultimate bag, it has pockets all around it and I have carried it to the beach, as my carry-on (such a bonus that  t fits under the seat!), to trunk shows (because every girl likes a monogram to go with their pedi!), to the golf course - you name it this bag is the bomb! If I had bambino's - I am sure I would get even more use out of it - though my mom friends say its a thumbs up purchase!

I am curious ...what kind of bags are your fav's? And what influences that must have bag for you? Is it color, size, material or pattern? For me, its a solid toss between color,style and function. 

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