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Posted by Nicole Breslin on

In preparation for the move I was out shopping for home goods this week…(not going to lie, it feels like I am on a first name basis with the folks @ home goods)….anyhoo, i ran across this organizing jem. What surprised me was the cost. @ $15 it is similar to the hanging organizer that we have http://bit.ly/1x0bfr4.

Cute factor is ok, but no #monogram …. hard to enjoy a #personalzied life w/out the #monogram ! So for 3$ more you get bigger pockets and your name sprawled across it. Or your child’s name, or your bff, or your favorite teacher….you get where I’m going! Take a peek at it  and let me know what you think!  If you run into me at home goods and I look lost or worse, I'm talking to myself...I probably need a coffee, please direct me across the street! I thank you in advance for your kindness! :)

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