Rock the Vote!

Posted by Nicole Breslin on

Hard to believe that it is already election day. Where has this year gone? So many fun things happened this year! This time of year is always mixed for people. Either you are in once camp that it is the best time of year or the other and it is something you just try to survive.  For me - it is the best time of year - sure I can't golf and short days and lack of sun certainly play a part in making me want to escape to a sunshine filled state. The holidays remind me of family and tradition along with an opportunity to remember who and what we are grateful for.  It is all too easy to take advantage and not appreciate those around us -just like it is easy to not remember the importance of our right to vote!  

So please - cynic or not - get out there and vote!  In case you've not seen the ballot so you can prep before you get there in Michigan the public voter information center can help

also - this site can help you pick a candidate based on your views. 


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