Happy Birthday

Posted by Nicole Breslin on

It has been my goal to start recognizing my important customer birthdays. I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to wish my very sweet hubby the happiest of birthdays!!

Though he is not a customer - he has been very supportive and encouraging as I ventured out on this wire of creating Pink and Lulu from scratch. All the things you just can't foresee when you write a business plan. One of them being the amount of hours that go into starting from a blank piece of paper.  I am sure other small business owners out there with partners understand how they bear the brunt of all things both good and bad - the trials and tribulations of creating your own start up just can't be left at the office!  

So for all of those late nights spent working on the website, interruptions on the golf course answering customer questions, and all of the "just five more minutes and I'll be done..." I appreciate you -  wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

In honor of him, we are offering free shipping today - on everything! Time to start your holiday shopping - if you haven't started already now is your chance! Use BirthdayFreeShip!

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