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It’s January - the middleish of the month….the festivities of Christmas have been put away - I know maybe not for all of us and no judgement if yours are still out.  I was able to keep my wreath and porch pots until this week, so I count that as a win!

The decorations are down and now what? What else do you do in the winter? Shovel? Thankfully not as much as last year -  here in the Great Lakes region anyway. I know there are plenty winter sports enthusiasts out there and I use to count myself in that group so don’t be hatin’ too much on me.  If you are a skier, snowmobiler, snow-shoer, etc. is surely your time! I’m sure there were a few happy dances when we got 10 inches of snow in November! More power to you- those little mom and pop stores Up North need your business year round!!

I use to be a skier - the reason why it’s a past tense is a long story - maybe for another time. I do really like my new wintertime hobby which is snorkeling. Sometimes I miss the skiing, but I have to admit, getting cold while snorkeling is just not quite the same and ohhhhh - the tan is soooooooooooooooooo much better! :)

Though I digress from my original objective...which was, “vacationing.” So where and when do you like to go?  Shoot me some comments!  Send me some pictures - maybe even using your monogrammed treasures from Pink and Lulu.  

New beach gear is out today! Along with lots of adorably cute spring time items.  I would normally resist this as we are still in January....but they are tooooo cute not to share! Many products from last year will be going on sale this weekend - up to 50%!  So if you were eyeing the cooler tote in my golf cart this year…now’s your chance to score big!! 50% off! Lulu just loves a sale!

As always - I welcome your comments!

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