Cupid, Pączki, Lent, Frozen and Late!

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Late, late, late….goodness. All my plans have gone to the wayside and I’ve neglected the blog for two solid weeks! UGH!

Hopefully everyone had the exact Valentine’s Day that they wanted.  I usually toss that one into the Hallmark holiday category and don’t pay much attention. Although this year I did end up cooking for friends before we hit the town - parmesan stuffed chicken breast with Traverse City dried cherries! So festive and tasty.

I am impressed and humbled by the fasts you are sharing during this Lenten season! I have a dear friend who has given up social media for the 40 days.  I find it impressive because social media has become such a part of our daily activities - I don’t think we really realize exactly how attached to it we are. On our quick thaw down to Mexico, I was surprised that I didn’t miss as much as I thought I would. It was nice to disconnect from the world and connect to those around me.  I will be curious how she is doing at the 20 day mark….stay tuned!

So the pączki, how were they? I hope ahhhhhhmazing!  I continue to avoid sugar and my body appreciates it by not giving me migraines. Sometimes it stinks, but I am thankful that my eye no longer twitches daily. :) For the last couple of years I have been blessed to be greeted by a sweet girl in a polka dress serving pączki - but alas, we both work from home now and they are not near each other so no temptation of pączki for me but at the same time no polka dancing either. :(

Normally I wouldn't talk about the weather….but I am  f r o z e n!  The weather app says it's a balmy 0℉ and I keep going to the closet to put more clothes on - so far I have fuzzy socks, slippers, headband, muffler - pretty sure gloves might be next! If only I had a rudolph nose cover.....that would be quite a picture! By the time I'm done I may look like Randy from A Christmas Story!

:/ it has me dreaming of the beach and the new spring collection! The new engraved jewelry samples were due to arrive today, but the post office is on a delay - the trucks are probably frozen to the ground.  I'lI keep you posted and if your local - invite you over for a glass of wine and a sneak peek when they arrive!

Until next time,

xox Nicole

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