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Have you recovered from the DST adjustment?  I feel that there was much to do about it on Monday - but it's now F R I D A Y - and I've been told that "you've got to get down on Friday!"

IDK why the hour shift upsets so many bowls of oats, but it did make me curious so I went exploring and learned a couple of things:

  • The savings itself -  is singular (saving vs savings), which we all probably knew but never paid it any attention.
  • The hour adjustment affects babies and adults the same - the difference, babies scream at the top of their lungs over it, adults use their words. :) (can you tell I have lots of friends with toddlers?!)
  • Probably the biggest thing I learned is that it was never established for the farmers. So all these years, I've been going around believing an urban legend - super!
  • Germany was the first country to implement it, the US did it during WWI to save energy. I would say that might have been true in the past when there was just the lightbulb to consider, but now that there is air conditioning, it might make sense to stay on the “other” time because typically it is cooler in the morning. Just a random thought.
  • The tidbit that impressed me the most is that D.S.T. hurts TV advertisers. Who knew?!?
  • What are your thoughts? Pro or con to the D.S.T.?

How are the St. Patty’s Day preparations coming?  I managed to get 2 tiny little places in the abode decorated and then promptly gave up.  My hat is continually off to those who print .svg files to their hearts content to spruce up their places in the most creative ways. I would love a tutorial, maybe something on Youtube to help me. After all if I can create fantastic monograms for fingers, toes, car windows, mobile cases and the like - you would think I could cut a shamrock or two to make it more festive in my entry way.  All I managed was a printable that got a little glitter glue attention and thrown on the wall with some festive green ribbon - I know pathetic! If any of you readers out there have a horde of youtube go-to’s please shoot the link(s) my way! 

I almost forgot about the green beer! KRAZY!  While, I might steer clear of the green stuff - I am lucky enough to be enjoying a Leprechaun Putt Putt event with some dear friends so that should prove for some fun snap chats!  (Most of us will be staring at the course willing the snow away).  I am excited that the event is happens to be benefiting the local Food Bank - so you know that is right up my alley! Fun and volunteering! My two favourite things!!

Easter - yup I said it! Easter, I feel that is maybe moving a bit too fast but I get the emails every day! We’ve got some super cute baskets out there that are reusable (and for more than just the bunny to sit in - think trick-or-treat) AND my favourite, on SALE!  One of my bff’s uses them for her girls tote their “crafts" around in the car - so genius!

We’ve got some fantastic new beach bags as well as monogram jewelry. I continue to be delighted with this line. If you’re local and want a sneak peek, I am happy to arrange a private trunk show for you - or if you’d like to see a “unprofessional” photo - drop me an email - I’m happy to snap one of the samples I have here.

Until next time,
xox Nicole

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