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So the boutique is packed with as much bubble wrap that I had in the house...naaah, who am I fooling? I bet I still have a whole tub of it in the basement. Nonetheless, excited to go hang out at the beach and hawk my wears! I am flying delta and so I pray they don't jack anything up - but I don't want to put any negativity (I know too late) out there about them. Just a little nerve racking to have everything in one bag.  

I am completely in love with one of my vendors for so many reasons. I only have four that supply all the monogram goodness you might like - but one of them really shines.  They are the easiest to get on the website, order from, helpful with questions and stand behind their merchandise like no other!  That is huge. When I embarked on this journey, one of my core "musts" was to find items that would not break the bank. Sure, I love quality- who doesn't but - I also love variety and I didn't want to feel like I had to carry around a ratty bag because I spent a fortune on it. By accident I found this gem in South Carolina, I went on my first buying trip last summer and haven't looked back.

The most important thing is that none of my bags look ratty and trust me - they get some use.  Some might qualify it as abuse because they have been jammed, kicked, stuffed under a plane seat, drug, (one time in snow...(flippin' 4" heels-but that's another story) another time in sand and still they look fantastic.  You know how many times the straps will separate or a stitch will come loose and then the whole thing will unravel?  Well I am pleased to say not on these bags! I am hard on them - sometimes on purpose, sometimes out of necessity and they stand up to it all. Now I am not quite as rough on the jewelry but it is also fantastic.  My two new pieces that I seem to have on many days out of the week are the Serendipty charm bangle and the Josie necklace, actually have the earrings too, they are super cute. The Josie, I have been wearing as it comes (on a long 33" chain) and as a slide on a choker that I have had for years. Get compliments both ways - what's even better is that it is $25 - how can you go wrong with something so versital?

I am slightly excited to be at the beach this weekend checking on my palm trees - I'm a little worried for them b/c it was cold down there this year. It's shaping up to be a fun weekend, sharing all of my sparkled and monogrammed goodness, palm trees and best of all spending time with my sister!

If you are in, around, near Surf City drop me a message and someone will give you directions to the Trunk Show!

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