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Hopefully your Easter was full of family, fun, and enjoyment. This year I didn't have to cook so it was both relaxing and weird. I have to admit - I'm missing the week of leftovers that would normally have my fridge so jammed it was like solivng a rubix cube getting things in and out!

It took me a couple of days to put the “bar” back together after my fun filled trip to see my sister. I do love taking Pink and Lulu on the road! I love rediscovering all the goodies that are housed in this tiny space some of which I look at on a daily basis. The most fun is seeing others ooh and ahhh as they shop!! (I usually get to do this when new baubles arrive, but no one (other the kittys) get to hear it! and please, should I wake them from their slumber! oui!). Look for some behind the scenes pics later this week.

This trip I met some amazing ladies who turned out to be new customers too! Love it when I can make new friends and customers! Their positive feedback about the product line were warm and welcoming and I look forward to the pictures of them enjoying their new treasures!  

As I was setting up the road show, one of my friends said, “you must really love this” I'm sure I looked at her funny mostly because I was trying to decide if she was trying to say you must be nutz to have lugged all this so far, or I don't like your stuff OR if she just truly meant it. So to be safe, I answered asked, “how so?” She said, "well you can just see that you love it - you know exactly where it should go, how it should look. We [she was helping set up] put something in a place and you come behind and say that needs to be elevated or put it on this because it will sparkle better..."OOOOOOOOOOOh you mean my “vision”?", I said. "Exactly!" she said.

So that got me thinking about my vision. It has changed so much since I first announced to my husband that I even wanted to open a jewelry boutique. My first “vision” was a big open retail space off of a busy road, preferably next to a Starbucks (I know my addiction is real) complete with gobs and gobs of jewels – as far as the eye could see. I was going to have a huge section for bridal, dance and other speciality events. I think at one point I might have even developed a marketing plan that would get me in touch with dance moms. Then there was my actual business plan, that actually honed on all the high points, including a very detailed marketing plan which lead me still to retail space but now with a website and then my focus was on hand made monogrammed flip flops. Now don't get me wrong, I still love my monogrammed flip flops (wear them any chance I can) but as I explored further it was a better fit to offer more than just monogrammed flops; because lets face it – you can only wear monogrammed flip flops for so long in Michigan, but a bag, earrings, necklace, bracelets, towels, those are year round materials! :)

Fast forward to my first year in business....WOW! My first year....have to let that sink in for a moment. OK, done.  :)

My new vision includes an overhaul to the website. It is my goal to make it even easier to browse – especially from mobile devices – I'm sure its no surprise to you that 75% of all internet traffic to any retailer comes from a mobile device. I know I do my part from my phone. ;) It's my hope that I make it even easier to shop Pink and Lulu when you have a few minutes while your kids are at dance, tennis, golf, soccer...I think you get the picture! Additionally, I am on the search for a supplier that makes some specific goods that have been in the plan for some time now. That is coming closer to reality and I will keep you posted. 

As always – keep your feedback coming! I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to let me know that something isn't quite right or could be improved. I have had so many requests for the super sparkly double studs earrings. So I am excited to report that the are on their way from a new supplier and a bundle of pink will be available. Hopefully this will keep people from trying to take the off me when I am wearing them! :) 

Cheers – until next time!



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