Who took April?

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Ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? We were on a bit of a tight schedule while we were gone and it makes it seem as though we never left. Awe well, can't win them all! We had fun golfing, golfing and golfing! Oh wait....there was a little beach in there as well!  One of my new favorite places in Florida is Boca Grande located on laid back Gasparilla Island. There was a  golf course attached to our Inn that had at least 15 different palm trees on it! It was challenging to play because I kept taking so many pictures....me and my palm tree addiction...it's real! Can not say enough awesome things about the Gasparilla Inn - if you want old Florida preppy - this is your place! Cannot wait to go back! Hopefully I will be there in March for their annual Trunk Show.  Thanks to the awesome ladies at the front desk for recommending me!

I'm looking at my calendar and what the #$%^ heck, it's M a y! MAY! What the?! How in the?! Wait, just a second....what happened to March and April? How is it possible we got here so fast? I don't know about you but I feel like I am riding on a bullet train! If you are scrambling for Mother's Day gifts, not to worry, there is plenty of time to get something personalized. I am happy to be your personal shopper - if you need me! 

The Derby is almost here! Do you have your hat yet?  I've had mine for a while - I know it is what I do for a living so no real surprise! ; )  For the last couple of years I've been emceeing my Junior League's Derby Event but this year we had a change of plans so instead I will be on the golf course! Though I'm probably going to have to exchange my derby hat for something a little more sporty to make it around the 9 hole challenge.  Recently, my sister took up the game and she is over the moon excited to be playing in an event with me this year - even if it is only a little 9 hole scramble. Should be super fun!

Are you ready for Teacher Appreciation Week?  If not, I can help! I have many lovely items in stock - I do a bang up job gift wrapping (if I don't say so myself) and as always it is my gift to you! Give me a call or an email if you'd like to schedule your own private trunk show to shop for them.  

Not to far in the immediate future are graduations. We've got some great personalized items that say congrats long after the day has passed.  #timeflys 

Until next time,

xo Nicole


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