Trunk shows -- My Favorite!

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We are on the road again! It is so much fun!  Dare I say it's my favorite?  Well it is one of my favorites!  With this "job" there are so many favorites!  My other favorite doesn't happen for a couple more days - when I get to review the new Back to School line from my (yup you guessed it) favorite monogram supplier - look for some behind the scenes pics on Thursday!  The quality of their products is fantastic and I put the bags and totes through some serious abuse - sometimes on purpose - other times out of necessity.  I am pleased to say that they stand up well and are worthy of the investment.  

Now, about Thursday - so many things happening right before the holiday!  If you happen to see fireworks coming from the WHBM outlet in Myrtle Beach - there is no cause for alarm - just a friendly sisterly disagreement over the last "favorite" of what ever it is that we just can't live without! Don't worry, we do actually love each other and NO actual harm will come to anyone around us! You may, however, laugh hysterically as we debate. Soooooo maybe we should wait until after we pick Mom up from the airport so she can referee - mom's love that, right!?! HA! I hope you are laughing now - because I am cracking myself up!

Trunk show tomorrow!

Hump Day - Trunk Day - do you think it will catch on??  Either way we are having a Ladies Night Out at the Surf Condo's from 5pm - 8pm . If you were thinking awww...I don't want to climb the 52 steps up just to look at a shiny bauble or two - well you won't have to - it is at the condo office, first building on your right.  It is a safe bet that the sister is making her (in)famous buffalo chicken dip. I bet she won't try to call it dinner to anyone stopping by - however that is a whole other story - if you like you can see our continued debate on whether it is dinner or in fact just a dip - feel free to head over to Facebook. We've got supporters in each camp now - so it is quite entertaining! 

Anyhoo....I digress....back to the Trunk Show - if you are in/around the Surf City area on Wednesday, please stop by to say, "Hi!" Join us for a libation (or two - if it's more than that I hear that Island Taxi is back in service so we've got you covered!). Enter your initials to win our 1st anniversary gift (no purchase necessary)!

We will be taking pics with ladies looking fabulously monogrammed AND Lulu will be on hand if anyone would like autographs or perhaps some kisses - after all those are her specialty - that is if we can tear her away from her new coconut toy. 

Until next time - tag us on Instagram @pinkandlulu - looking marvelously monogrammed!

xo Nicole


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