Vinyl Decal Instructions

Vinyl Decal Instructions

See video of application

So you've got your vinyl decal and are super excited to get it on your car, wall, laptop, phone case, fingers, toes…. Here are some helpful hints to make it go smoothly.  

Please use some kind of game plan, these come with the “you break it you bought it rule.”

  • It’s handy to start with a squeaky clean surface.
  • A squeegee, credit card, or other semi thick plastic card will suffice (we use the pampered chef bowl scraper). 
  • If you are applying to fingers/toes your thumb/index finger will work just fine.
  • Some like a tape measure and mark it out – we typically eye ball it. ;)

*It’s a good idea to have both air and surface temperatures above 50ºF

Your vinyl decal will consist of:

  • The vinyl  (some initials/names result in a 2-4-1 as a bonus depending on the letters-see example)
  • Transfer paper
  • Actual Monogram
  • The protective covering of the decal
  • Should be clean, dry and if recently painted, (walls, doors, etc) it should have cured for at least a week.
  • Painters tape will allow you to adjust where you want the decal to be!
  • If you are applying to freshly polished nail or toes
    • Use a good top coat that penetrates the nail lacquer
    • When you are rolling back the transfer tape, take care where it touches the nail bed or you will smudge your mani/pedi ;( no one likes that!
Applying the Decal
  • Remove the backing liner
  • Remember to hold it far enough away from the surface so that it doesn't start to adhere to the surface before you are ready.
    • For Large decals, you may want to tape all the way across to make a hinge; allowing you to work it in halves.
  • Take the squeegee (or plastic card or finger) gently swipe across the decal so that it adheres to your surface.
    • For large decal you may want to cut off the excess as you work so it doesn't get in your way.
  • Keep squeegeeing – all while applying even pressure from the middle working out in all directions to remove any air bubbles.
  • Your finish product should have no air bubbles – think of it this way – the more it adheres to your surface the longer it will last (especially on a car - especially if you live in the frozen tundra).
  • Gently remove the transfer tape to view your decal. If it starts to lift with the transfer tape, you have not pressed hard enough, squeegee it, wait a few minutes and try again.

Notes: If there are any tiny air bubbles trapped under the vinyl they will disappear in a couple of weeks. Though usually these can be removed by rubbing your finger (not nail) over the vinyl to smooth it out.

Large air bubbles can be popped with a pin and pushed flat with your finger as the vinyl is very pliable and easy to work.



There are many ways; we suggest a quick Google search for your specific medium.